‘Let’s make the best Sheds in the world.’

I'm not sure if you've been looking long, but I'm so glad you found us! We're REAL serious about Sheds and we know our customers are too. So if you're looking for something better, as in, THE BEST! Then you've come to the right place. From our wee Green Workshop tucked away in the Carse of Gowrie, Scotland, we handcraft all our;

Garden Rooms
Garden Offices

For 30 years we've been mastering our craft, innovating and developing all our designs and specifications year on year. It's what we love to do and it ensures that we are making the best Sheds in the world! 
We have the most gorgeous display gardens, you have to come and see for yourself, all our beautiful buildings in their own wee gardens. Perfect for painting your very own Shedlife picture. 

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G&M Timber Garages are by far the best for keeping your Cars, Bikes and Trikes warm and dry. It’s our revolutionary 3 tier wall system, only available from G&M that does it. It’s the reason our Garages don’t leak! Clever like.  


19mm thick weatherboard? Aye.  70mm x 50mm pressure treated framing, 19mm thick flooring, 16mm sarking… I could go on. It’s all Scandinavian Redwood by they way, that’s just how we roll. 


Summerhouses, They’re just beautiful aren’t they? We handcraft, make and assemble on average 300 of these a year. We have 6 standard designs, as well as offering a complete bespoke service for your perfect space. 


We love an outhouse! Our Garden Rooms are perfect for ‘never leaving’ offspring, or returning home grandparents. They are completely bespoke and made to your exact specification. Within or without permitted development, we can do both. 


This one’s pretty special. It’s our brand new office range, called THE BRID. We launched The Brid in July 2017, it will eventually be an entirely separate company so, while it’s introductory price and still a relatively small project, I’d get in there, pronto. Next batch is in February 2018.  


We don’t compromise on specification, so there’s no lower grade of timber option or cheaper alternative here. All our playhouses are made with the same exact stuff as our other buildings. They are CE marked for your baby’s safety and you can be sure they’ll see the next generations to come too. 

No one makes sheds like we do. We live and breathe sheds, and it’s what we’re good at.Cara Mackay - Managing Director, Gillies & Mackay
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Gillies and Mackay, it’s not a construction company, it’s a way of life. It represents all that is good in the people who work there. The passion and creativity enthused by each member is replicated in their craftsmanship. The care and attention for one another shines throughout the service given to those who invest in us. The ongoing commitment and determination of both Gillies and Mackay is testament to the family’s worth. Click here to find out more.

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