cabin vs summerhouse

Cabins & Summerhouses: What’s the difference?

Video Transcription

Why would you buy one instead of the other?

The summerhouses are single skinned buildings, which means you only have one layer of wall, whereas your cabins have several layers of wall, including insulation and lining on the inside to make the more efficient for year round use.

If you’re using a cabin for working from home, where you have to be in that cabin Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year, then that’s what you need, an all year round efficient building that’s going to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Summerhouses are seasonal, and you would be using them during the summertime as opposed to in the wintertime.

There are customers that do use them in the wintertime, but it is realistically for summertime use, and you would be maybe entertaining your friends, having a barbecue, doing the sort of things where you’re enjoying your garden when it’s lovely and sunny.

So that’s the two differences.

One is single skinned, one is fully lined and insulated, all singing, all dancing, highly efficient through the whole year, and the other is seasonal, and the price reflects that.

The summerhouses start from about two thousand and go up to about four or five thousand, and the cabins start from 15 thousand and can go all the way up to about 90 thousand.